Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Part Two of Round Two: Atlanta Apparel Mart

As I said in my last post, I was fortunate to work for Amy J. Hill Showroom during the January Apparel Mart. 
All the mannequins looking sassy and ready to sell.

The cutest picture ever.
Kelly and Stephanie outside the showroom.
The fact that the serious business man just happened to step into the background made this too perfect.

L O V E this sweater.
John & Jenn.

The new line in the showroom:
Miss Sixty dresses!

Fun colors. Novelty look. Easy to fit.
Everything you could want in a dress.

McGinn.... ahhhhh.

Love this collection.

Ha. Naturally, my favorite thing to do in the showroom is try everything on.
If the buyers want to see something on, I come running.

Yay for tribal embroidered denim!

I felt so cool when I figured out this picture.

It's a toss up between McGinn and Sanctuary.... which do I love more?

My sweet Tony Lama fringe boots on Amy's cow rug.

Paige doing important head-intern end-of-the-day-numbers stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm offering wine to evening buyers and having a sip myself.
Pinot anyone? Cab? Merlot? You tell me.

Saturday night dinner with Amy, and her hilarious idea for a pose.
"Paige did you double thumbs up?"
"I had to."
Another good market in the books!
Looking forward to my last time in April!


  1. Beautiful dresses!
    I followed your blog :)


    1. Thank you :) I'll be sure to give yours a visit as well!!!