Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever

Christmas came early this year.  This past Tuesday I found out that I got selected to get an INTERVIEW WITH FREE PEOPLE at their HOME OFFICE in PHILADELPHIA for a SUMMER INTERNSHIP!!!!!  I can not even convey in typing how excited I was.  
Nope, I can't.
My interview is January 4th, around 11:00a.m..... so if you think of it, I would appreciate a prayer.

As I'm deciding what to wear to the most important day of my life, thus far, I would like to reflect on a few of my Free People favorites.

We The Free Stripey Tee in Have You Been There? 

Free People top in Sorry 4 The Wait

Free People dress in Is It The Weekend Yet?

Last but not least, Free People tank in The Old Saying Goes.....

After this I promise I'll stop being lazy and take some new outfit pictures.
Actually, it's the opposite problem... I'm not being lazy enough! 
What was I thinking when I made my work schedule for this month?
Next year I will be sewing all my Christmas presents!

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and support!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Farewell Fall Semester

Photo Credit: Jordan

"hang it up to dry"

Sunglasses from Target/ Urban Outfitters scarf/ Free People top/ Lucky jeans/ Lucchese boots
(Sorry for being a repeat offender on the jeans and boots)

Lucky Brand snake ring/ Flower ring from Claire's/ Bracelet from Street Fair-Asheville, NC

 Ohhhhhh finals week.... all I can say is: 3 down, 2 to go!  One of my major projects I had been working on up to this point was my final project for Fibers class.  We had learned how to weave and had been introduced to surface design.... so WHY I decided to learn how to do tapestries for my final project? I don't know....

I meant for it to be about 10 feet long....
But I decided to leave it at "short and sweet."
Haha. It was a huge time investment but I love how it turned out!

And I'm proud of the grade I got too!

and a little inspiration from my yogi tea tag
on the floor in the loom room

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My New, Beloved, Wrinkly Pleather Vest

Photo Credit: Jordan

All I want for Christmas is....... more Angel Court Jewels.....

Angel Court necklace/ Ralph Lauren shirt/ H&M vest/ Ariat jeans/ Lucchese boots

If you are ever near Watsonatta Western World in Boone, NC, or a Mast General Store, you NEED to try on some Ariat jeans.  Most comfortable jeans I've ever owned.

This vest is the best $34.95 I've ever spent on a statement piece... I just can't figure out how to get the wrinkles out of it!?  It doesn't look THAT bad, but does any one know how to get wrinkles out of pleather?  If so, please share.

Until next time, friends!
I have 3 major projects and 5 final exams staring me in the face.