Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life's Firsts: Bridal Shower in Our Honor

It's 8:30a.m. on a Saturday and I'm waiting on an oil change at the Ford place. I have been wanting to share about my bridal shower this past weekend since Monday, but of course our wi-fi crapped out.... and of course Netgear will offer you tech support for the low price of $80 to fix it, so needless to say, we didn't fix it.  Austin and I were the guests of honor at a bridal shower this past weekend thrown by Colleen's incredibly sweet teacher friends and family.  Having people take time to make homemade sweets and fruit trays, shower (no pun intended) you with gifts, and give you their undivided attention is nerve racking awesome and something we were so grateful to experience.  But what really pulled my heart strings was having loved ones that don't normally mingle in ONE place, ALL for us.  That is something special.  

Anyone familiar with the Shoe Game?  It's where they make you sit back to back and tell on each others messy tendencies, and ask you who the dog loves more, and whose families craziest and laugh at your answers.
I didn't give up an answer on craziest family.... good thing it was a trick question.
We'll have the SAME family in June :)

 Lace Dress c/o KUT from the Kloth // Lucchese boots (on Austin, too)

The internet couldn't handle these pasty legs close up in real color... take my word for it.

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