Monday, May 20, 2013

Latest Happenings

Photo Credit: Jordan

Necklace from Silver Armadillo- Asheville, NC

 Sanctuary jacket/ Free People dress/ Lucchese boots

Lucky Brand bracelet

So lately I haven't been blogging cause I've been busy trying to graduate!
Which was a success (as shown below).
Below also shows part of my awesome support group that help me get to this point... 
It also shows how photogenic my Nanny and Papaw are.
 Necklace from MC Adams- Boone, NC/ Calvin Klein Easter dress from last year/ Old Gringo boots (a graduation gift from Austin)

Also, I've been helping out this lady at Vaquera in the Grove Arcade (of Asheville, NC).
She is amazing and so is the store.
I will be doing a post about Vaquera shortly, but for now... you should follow them on Instagram

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Showcase 2013

For showcase this year, I used album cover from the 1970's as my inspiration--specifically the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Waylon Jennings, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
I refashioned some band tee shirts to contribute to my designs.
The idea was to turn something gritty (and usually masculine) to something pretty (but still tough) and flattering to the woman's body.
I was completely thrilled with how the collection turned out.

Me and my models minus one.

This is what I presented as my inspiration images to the judges.
Not only was I inspired by the actual clothing on the covers, but also by the subdued colors and the small details that are characteristic of that time.

Corral/ Corral/ Corral/ Dan Post/ Lucchese/ Old Gringo
All our boots lined up before the show.

Meet Stephanie.  She stepped up to model for me the DAY OF the show when my other model re-tore her ACL.  So grateful for her.

Stephanie is completely dressed in my designs.
My top is by Midnight Rider and my skirt is Sanctuary--one of our lines in the showroom in ATL.

Stephanie had the perfect hair for my Blake Lively inspired 'do.

Meet Abby.
The picture doesn't even do it justice.  
This dress was hourglass-shape-perfection on her.

 It's all in the details, dear.

Meet Ferren.
Could she be a more perfect model for my jacket?!

 Ferren's hair.

A closer look (before I hemmed it). 

Meet Brittany.

I had a shirt from 8th grade that I couldn't throw away because I was so obsessed with the beading.  Here, you can see it finally found it's purpose.
I love the chambray with the bling and I love how the style lines turned out.

Feathers & seed beads.

Meet (another) Abby.
 Legs for days and a tiny tummy made her perfect for this design.

Somebody said the cut outs looked like guitar picks.... perfectly ironic.
Cut-outs mimicked on the back.

Slave bracelet and feather wrap ring to complete the look.

I, of course, was happy with how it turned out.
Before both shows I just kept looking over my models and feeling so proud of how well everything fit and how their hair turned out to be perfect to complement my designs.
I had no idea that so many people would relate to my designs the way I did.
But I am proud to say the Dean of our college awarded me the "Dean's Award for Apparel Design" which put me over the moon.
As you can see....
The most amazing accomplishment.... besides getting to walk the stage in a couple weeks!

 I have my parents and grandparents to thank for helping me afford everything I had to have to create my showcase stuff; I have to thank Austin and my friends for keeping me sane; and I have to thank my models for being beautiful, and excitable, and super cooperative.
That's a wrap!