Monday, March 30, 2015

"Snake Farm" ...It Just Sounds Nasty

Dress from Dillards/ Free People top

I just can't help myself.  I passed up on these booties one day at Belk, but I couldn't do it a second time.  At least it wasn't the $900 Old Gringo's I REALLY wanted.  HA!  Also, I can't help singing "Snake Farm" all day long when I wear these.  I saw If Birds Could Fly do a cover of this Ray Wylie Hubbard song in Asheville a while back. You should give them a listen.  I went from thinking "Who is this Virginia chick in a Gretchen Wilson photo tee?" to completely in a trance watching them perform.  The cover they did included clever use of the tambourine and I just couldn't find a video to do it justice.
But I'll save you some searching and give you a link to one of my favorite videos I could find of them.... 

(I wish I could embed the video, I really do.... I wouldn't let me).

One more for good measure: Good Timing Woman - If Birds Could Fly