Sunday, January 6, 2013

URBN Intern Day

Sorry I have been MIA for so long, but I have be preparing for the most exciting day of my life-- the day I'm about to tell you about.

My interview was at 11:20am this past Friday.
I got into Philadelphia Thursday night around 4:30pm and got to the Navy Yard the next morning around 10:30am..... first time I've ever been early in my whole entire life.
I hope.
I let the cab driver drop me off "where ever" once I knew I was close and as soon as I stepped out, I recognized this 25.

It is the 25 that the Free People BLDG 25 blog is named after!!! 
HOLY COW! This is THEIR OFFICE! The place I see on the blog, on Instagram... the place I dream of working!

I was wondering around waiting to check-in when I noticed this awesome floating garden.

The building where I did my interview (which went really well by the way) was building 543.
There was a coffee shop inside, and a cafe, and a work out area, coy ponds, bamboo trees, decorated light fixtures, fabric covering some walls, ferns, sculptures.... you name it. It did not disappoint.
The coffee bar was carved out of teakwood and a part of it was imported from India... it was beautiful.
The cranes you see in this picture were originally used to build the ships in the yard.
Me and a fellow Appalachian State Apparel and Design major, Sophia!  

I was too lazy once I got back to put my outfit back on to take picture, so I just took a couple close ups.
Free People top/ Necklace from Silver Armadillo- Asheville, NC

Tony Lama boots/ Free People jeans/ Lucky Brand ring

 And now for a few behind the scenes photos....
 The "wall of sound" in the URBN building.

They don't skimp on the details in their clothes, and they don't skimp on the details in their workspace either. I love it. 

My favorite building, the Free People building, of course. (If you follow @freepeople on Instagram, you probably recognize those bins in the back left!!)

Pictures can't even do it justice... it was so beautiful. So colorful.  So creative. 

 These decorated an entire wall of the foyer..... I wish I would have taken more pictures to share with you, but I was busy being in shock and awe.

Hopefully, I'll be back all summer to share more with you!
I should hear back in two weeks whether I got the position......praying, hoping, crossing fingers.

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