Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fall Back

Tasha Polizzi tunic/ Chico's belt/ Handmade purse/ Tights I stole from mom/ Lucchese boots/ Earrings found at Buffalo Exchange- Charlotte, NC

 Photo Credit: Austin

How cool is this purse?
My parents got it for me from a guy named Phillip Phillips (no lie) in Kentucky, on the way back from my dad's hunting trip in Illinois.
Nothing better than having someone that no one else has.... just my personal philosophy.

Even though (honestly) I took these pictures a couple months ago...
do you recognize the boots AND the tights AND the belt from a incredibly recent post?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dressed for Valentine's

Chico's sunglasses/ Earrings from Silver Armadillo- Asheville, NC/ Urban Outfitters scarf/ Cardigan from Belk/ Dress from Lucky Penny- Boone, NC/ Boot tights/ Lucchese boots

 Photo Credit: Jordan from South Of Style

Outfit #1

 Valentine's Day nails

 Love my Lucchese's.... they look like it, right?

Paige & I at a J. Crew shopping event Jordan put together for the girls in our major.
We had a "Best Valentine's Day Outfit" contest.

 Details of Outfit #2

Outfit #3

 I can prep with the best of em.

Paige & I.

Outfit #4
Free People blazer/ H&M tee/ Lucky Brand jeans/ Lucchese boots/ Statement necklace from MC Adams- Boone, NC
Of course you have to wear something cute TO the shopping event.

When I got the the shopping event, which was last night... Paige and Jordan said they already knew what they were wearing today.
I don't know why it was news to me to have a Valentine's Day outfit.... but I'm a better blogger because of it. Haha.
I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FYI: I Love Surprises

(She's in Washington D.C. this week and I'm having major withdrawals.... but it's not every day you get Snapchats from the White House!)

 Lia Sophia necklace/ Free People top/ Chico's belt/ J. Crew Outlet skirt/ Lucky Brand bracelet/ Tights that I abducted from mom/ Lucchese boots

 Where to take pictures on a rainy day?
A parking deck, obviously.
 Kendi made it look so chic.

I came home last weekend to feed the cats and empty their litter box.
I went in my room in search for my favorite jeans which have been missing for a while now (everyone who knows me knows I'm pretty upset about this.... I may put out a "Have you seen these pants?" flyer later this afternoon) and I find a Belk bag with some Free People mom had got for me! 
And I must say, she did a really good job not having me with her.... that's where this top came from.
So thanks mom-- that was super sweet and thoughtful of you :)
Also, she got me this belt on Black Friday.... came together nicely, huh?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Part Two of Round Two: Atlanta Apparel Mart

As I said in my last post, I was fortunate to work for Amy J. Hill Showroom during the January Apparel Mart. 
All the mannequins looking sassy and ready to sell.

The cutest picture ever.
Kelly and Stephanie outside the showroom.
The fact that the serious business man just happened to step into the background made this too perfect.

L O V E this sweater.
John & Jenn.

The new line in the showroom:
Miss Sixty dresses!

Fun colors. Novelty look. Easy to fit.
Everything you could want in a dress.

McGinn.... ahhhhh.

Love this collection.

Ha. Naturally, my favorite thing to do in the showroom is try everything on.
If the buyers want to see something on, I come running.

Yay for tribal embroidered denim!

I felt so cool when I figured out this picture.

It's a toss up between McGinn and Sanctuary.... which do I love more?

My sweet Tony Lama fringe boots on Amy's cow rug.

Paige doing important head-intern end-of-the-day-numbers stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm offering wine to evening buyers and having a sip myself.
Pinot anyone? Cab? Merlot? You tell me.

Saturday night dinner with Amy, and her hilarious idea for a pose.
"Paige did you double thumbs up?"
"I had to."
Another good market in the books!
Looking forward to my last time in April!