Sunday, September 7, 2014

10 Fun + Easy Gifts for Your Recently Engaged Friend(s)

Recently, a friend at work had friends coming into town on their way back from Asheville, NC where they had just gotten engaged.  She wanted to make their one-night visit special and celebrate their new commitment, but was obviously a little limited on time.  She said "You just got engaged... what are some good gifts I can pick up after work?" 
Which inspired this post...

10 Fun + Easy Gifts for Your Recently Engaged Friend(s)

1. A fun card
If you're lucky enough to live in Asheville, you've got the perfect place for a cute &/or hilarious card for any event....Whist on Haywood Road.

2. A ring dish
Again, Whist has a great selection, but this cute little guy is from Anthropologie.

3. A bridal magazine to get the collection started
There are too many great bridal magazines out there to name... some that cater to DIY ideas, regional,  niche, etc. but The Knot is a great place to start.

4. For the bride who will readily admit that Bey is a Queen, the Feyoncé tank

5. Cold feet socks by Groom Socks via Etsy
Whether it's her or him, they're bound to experience that moment of doubt.
Forever? Are you sure? 

6. Ikat monogram letters from Anthropologie
Find a letter that represents the last name they'll soon share.

7. Don'ts for Husbands & Wives from Paper Source
Mini books that contain entertaining advice for a happy marriage.

8. Share a Coke
Take advantage of the times... how easy is that?

9. A nice smelling candle is always a crowd pleaser.
Duncan & York of Asheville has/had my personal favorite--Produce candles:

10. Last but not least, for the animal lovers, the I Do Too bandana

Cheers to love and friendship!