Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Romantic Wedding Day Look

Me and my Mr. in our Lucchese boots

I was able to make this belt, inspired by my Bourbon and Boweties bangles.
(Even though the belt was made in haste the morning of the wedding, and that was after Cassie had to break into my house to get the ribbon I left behind).

Me & my girls at the top of the world.

Watters gown and veil from Wildflower Bridal

My maids looking stunning in their Free People threads.

Photo credit: Sassyfras Studios (and I would pick them again, every time)
Flowers: Flora (them, as well)

"I'll keep on turning the pages,
Oh, what a story to tell,
You'll still be my sweetheart when everything ages,
You'll be the last book on the shelf,
I know you're the end of my story,
I know you're as far as it goes,
I hope you're the last words, I ever utter,
and it's never your time to go...."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life's Firsts: Bridal Shower in Our Honor

It's 8:30a.m. on a Saturday and I'm waiting on an oil change at the Ford place. I have been wanting to share about my bridal shower this past weekend since Monday, but of course our wi-fi crapped out.... and of course Netgear will offer you tech support for the low price of $80 to fix it, so needless to say, we didn't fix it.  Austin and I were the guests of honor at a bridal shower this past weekend thrown by Colleen's incredibly sweet teacher friends and family.  Having people take time to make homemade sweets and fruit trays, shower (no pun intended) you with gifts, and give you their undivided attention is nerve racking awesome and something we were so grateful to experience.  But what really pulled my heart strings was having loved ones that don't normally mingle in ONE place, ALL for us.  That is something special.  

Anyone familiar with the Shoe Game?  It's where they make you sit back to back and tell on each others messy tendencies, and ask you who the dog loves more, and whose families craziest and laugh at your answers.
I didn't give up an answer on craziest family.... good thing it was a trick question.
We'll have the SAME family in June :)

 Lace Dress c/o KUT from the Kloth // Lucchese boots (on Austin, too)

The internet couldn't handle these pasty legs close up in real color... take my word for it.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

"Snake Farm" ...It Just Sounds Nasty

Dress from Dillards/ Free People top

I just can't help myself.  I passed up on these booties one day at Belk, but I couldn't do it a second time.  At least it wasn't the $900 Old Gringo's I REALLY wanted.  HA!  Also, I can't help singing "Snake Farm" all day long when I wear these.  I saw If Birds Could Fly do a cover of this Ray Wylie Hubbard song in Asheville a while back. You should give them a listen.  I went from thinking "Who is this Virginia chick in a Gretchen Wilson photo tee?" to completely in a trance watching them perform.  The cover they did included clever use of the tambourine and I just couldn't find a video to do it justice.
But I'll save you some searching and give you a link to one of my favorite videos I could find of them.... 

(I wish I could embed the video, I really do.... I wouldn't let me).

One more for good measure: Good Timing Woman - If Birds Could Fly

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

KUT Style for the Southeast

I had admired the denim washes from KUT from the Kloth in various department stores, but I didn't really consider them worth a try until my boss got some in her Stitchfix box (what is Stitchfix?).  As someone who had been buying western jeans to find something that fits in the waist AND the hips, I was intrigued by her new denim find.  Next time I was in Nordstrom, I tried on the Diana Stretch Skinny and found them to be worth all the praise.... well-anchored at the waist, nice coverage in the rises but not too high, and the perfect amount of stretch.  As someone who works on fitting clothes for a living, I am very excited to announce that I will be representing KUT from the Kloth as their southeastern style muse... a brand that fits my body and my lifestyle.

 Necklace from Altar'd State/ KUT from the Kloth top/ Lace tank from Virtue - Asheville, NC/ KUT from the Kloth denim

Handmade Bracelet - Vidalia Vogue Etsy
Topaz, Moonstone, & Aquamarine statement ring from Enter The Earth - Asheville, NC

Lane "Sweet Caroline" boots

Keep a look-out on my Soulstitches blog Facebook page for the official introductory post from KUT from the Blog later this week!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Handmade & Homegrown

This clutch was a gem I found at the Vintage Handmade Market in Charlotte a month or two ago.  The muslin salt sack originates from the 1940's, while the striped fabric is from the 1960's.  It was proudly made in the great state of North Carolina by Hawks & Doves.  Check out their Etsy page!

 Sanctuary shirt jacket / John & Jenn sweater

 Free People pants/ Sam Edelman booties/ Angel Court necklace 

Also, I'm going to go ahead and spill the beans by saying that Soulstitches blog gained a partnership this past week :) Hope to be announcing who it is very shortly!!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015: The Year of Mr. & Mrs. Thompson

Do most of my posts start with the statement "better late than never"? Cause I feel like they do.  This post has been a long time coming, but after I had already waited so long after our engagement shoot session I figured I might as well wait til 2015.  

Where: Asheville, NC
Hair & Makeup: @beautybycort

I set myself up for having a lot of anxiety about this photo shoot by writing this article on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos before I was engaged.... long before.  I felt like I was dressing for Summer and he was dressing for Fall, but I think (I hope) the colors we chose made us look cohesive.
And I was happy to take my own advice on bringing a prop.... the dog & the bouquet I made in a hurry.

Also, I tried to narrow it down to 5 for the post, but I just couldn't.

 Him: Levi's Shirt/Wrangler Jeans/Lucchese boots

 Her: Dress & Bracelet from Anthropologie/ Frye booties/ Necklace from Vidalia Vogue on Etsy

My hair! Did Cortney do a beautiful job, or what?!  Waylon and Austin look handsome, as always.

Both Frye booties I wore in this shoot are ones I picked from this very lucky occurrence.

 Him: J. Crew vest/ DL 1961 shirt/ Lucchese boots/ Belt buckle from Waylon Jennings Merch Co.
Her: Dress & Bracelet from Anthropologie/ Frye booties/ Necklace from Elementality - Asheville, NC

 This is might be my favorite.

No, this one is definitely my favorite.  My version of American Gothic was executed beautifully.
Thanks for running the pitchfork out in a hurry and being a stand-in stylist [requesting Austin to roll up his jeans for this last one], Mom!

We were using truck headlights for light at this point.

That's all she wrote, folks! Thanks for being interested in this special, special moment in my life.   God has truly blessed me with my forever friend.