Tuesday, February 17, 2015

KUT Style for the Southeast

I had admired the denim washes from KUT from the Kloth in various department stores, but I didn't really consider them worth a try until my boss got some in her Stitchfix box (what is Stitchfix?).  As someone who had been buying western jeans to find something that fits in the waist AND the hips, I was intrigued by her new denim find.  Next time I was in Nordstrom, I tried on the Diana Stretch Skinny and found them to be worth all the praise.... well-anchored at the waist, nice coverage in the rises but not too high, and the perfect amount of stretch.  As someone who works on fitting clothes for a living, I am very excited to announce that I will be representing KUT from the Kloth as their southeastern style muse... a brand that fits my body and my lifestyle.

 Necklace from Altar'd State/ KUT from the Kloth top/ Lace tank from Virtue - Asheville, NC/ KUT from the Kloth denim

Handmade Bracelet - Vidalia Vogue Etsy
Topaz, Moonstone, & Aquamarine statement ring from Enter The Earth - Asheville, NC

Lane "Sweet Caroline" boots

Keep a look-out on my Soulstitches blog Facebook page for the official introductory post from KUT from the Blog later this week!

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