Saturday, March 31, 2012

Takes me back.... to Junior Prom!

 Top, Necklace, and Skinny Jeans from Lucky Penny/ Lia Sophia earrings/ Not Rated heels

....and that clutch?  Honestly, I couldn't tell you where it's from, because I took it to prom my junior year of high school!  I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed that I still use it or proud that I have kept up with it all this time!  Many of you have never seen the constant disarray which I call home.

Now that I confessed the origin of this clutch..... I can't resist showing you my prom dress that year...
It was sooooooooo gorgeous! (sighhhh)

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Denim and Pearls

Photo Credit: Mekenzie Brow

Shirt from Chico's Outlet/ J. Crew pants/ Rocketdog flats/ Necklace from Watsonatta Western World- Boone, NC

If you don't have Brooks & Dunn stuck in your head now, then you must not know 90's country.....

"she sure look good in her denim and pearls, rock my world little country girl....."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Inspiration

Today I just wanted to share with y'all a few things I admired and was inspired by on this fine Wednesday.  "Cowboys and Indians" might have been a more accurate title of this post... but I'll just let you see for yourself....

Meet Jackson.
He is one of the few (maybe 3 total?) males in our major (Apparel and Design).  He's a talented drawer (a lot more so than I) and I love that he knows what HE loves.  He has original ideas about what he likes about menswear as opposed to someone who just likes a style because it is a current trend.  That's admirable.

I was pretty much obsessed with his shirt.  Is that not the cutest nicest print on that pocket?  

On to my work day....
I had a guy come into the boot store and I was asking him all about this crazy necklace he was wearing.  Apparently, that is real turquoise and a real bear claw from a bear his buddy killed.  (It used to be his buddy's necklace but the wife wouldn't let him wear it anymore?)  I told him "I have a friend who goes bear hunting and she HAS to see this!"  You're impressed aren't you, Cassie?

Then I was just noticing how nice these blues look sitting next to each other.... isn't that a happy color?  (Living in NC, it's hard not to associate this color with the Tarheels.... trying really had not to, actually.)

Old Gringos and Luccheses!  I want them all!!!

And this picture I found.  I asked Ellen (who I work for) about it, and she said that was an old picture of Brooke and Dara's chickens they had when they were younger (her daughters).  For one, I think it's adorable they had chickens as their little pets growing up.  For two, I thought this looked like an Instagram photo.... but this was taken way before smart phones were ever thought of. 

Have a great Thursday, y'all!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Photo Credit: Mekenzie Brow

Eyelet button up found at Lulu's Consignment- Fletcher, NC/ Ya Los Angeles lace tank/ Lucky Brand necklace/ DKNY jeans/ Tiffany bracelet/ Blowfish boots

Nothing says springtime for me, better than sunny days and eyelet!!

Here's a couple of my favorite eyelet looks:

(Lilly Pulitzer dress via Splash of Pink)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gypsy Soul

Lia Sophia Earrings/ Necklace from Lucky Penny/ Chico's cover-up/ H&M stripe tee/ Maxi skirt from Union- Asheville, NC/ Rocketdog flats

 Photo Credit: Mekenzie Brow

SO SORRY I  have been a royal failure at posting for the past week! I really had to earn my spring break this year; and even now that I am on spring break, I have been working!  I have been finishing up a skirt (the muslin "rough draft" form) for the past week, which you will see the finished product in a later post!  Let me tell you, it is FARRRRR more complex from the one I made in >>this post<< .  But if it turns out like I envision, it will be all worth it! So get excited!  In the meantime, I will be spending quality time with my seam ripper and breathing into a brown paper bag. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Love When That Happens....

Free People top/ Skinny jeans from Lucky Penny/ Heels from Target

Photo Credit: Mekenzie Brow

New York & Company tank/ Necklace from Street Fair- Asheville, NC

The wind was a serious factor on this day.  Now I know how Marilyn Monroe feels! Whew!

So it all started when I was re-reading the Valentine's Day card I got from Austin this year....
.....because I'm a sap like that.  I was thinking about how he always finds the perfect card.... and then onto what good taste he has in general.  I really admired the texture on this card and how the red really stood out.....and BAM!  It hit me.  Outfit idea!
Love when that happens :)