Friday, December 30, 2011

The Show Must Go On

Special Guest: my dog, Cedric :)

Orange long sleeve shirt from Target/ Scrapbook Originals vest from Union- Asheville, NC/ Lucky Brand necklace/ DKNY skinny jeans/ Blowfish boots

It's tough not having my wonderful photographer, Mekenzie Brow, while I've been on break.  Luckily my mom was kind enough to subject herself to my criticism of her photography skills, so could get these pictures.  The show must go on folks.
And can I just say... orange and navy is my new favorite color combination!

PS: Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things To Do With Scrap Fabric, Part Two

If you're a fan of Mod Podge, this is a post for you!  That is the key ingredient for these two scrap fabric projects.
Materials used here: Altoid tin, sequins, Mod Podge, seed beads, paint brush, needle, thread, X-acto knife, embroidery hoop.... and fabric, of course!
Step 1: Put the fabric in the embroidery hoop.
Step 2: Use your thread and needle to attach the sequins and beads to the fabric in any design or order that you wish.  Make sure to make a good knot when you're finished.
Step 3: Use a paint brush to apply Mod Podge to the lid of your tin.
Step 4: Place the fabric on the lid and make sure to press down around the edges.  Don't worry just yet about the excess fabric that may be hanging over the lid.
Step 5: Mod Podge over the fabric for a little extra security and a shiny finish.
Step 6: Let dry.
Step 7:  Use the X-Acto knife to clean up around the edges, and cut off all the extra fabric!
The next thing I did was collect all the bobby pins I had laying on my floor/table/counter/dresser and put them in my new container! Pretty cute, huh?

As for this project, you will need: a jar (back to my jar obsession), a plate, paint brush, fabric, scissors, and Mod Podge.
Step 1:  Cut out 15-30 circles/squares/rhomboids/whatever you wish, out of your fabric.
Step 2:  Pour some Mod Podge on a plate and lay one of your shapes in the Mod Podge and then press onto the jar.  Make sure to smooth out any bubbles or floating corners.  You may get messy.
Step 3: Continue covering the jar until you get the look you want.  (PS: I chose not the cover the bottom... no one sees it anyway).
Step 4: Do an overcoat of Mod Podge for extra shine and security.  Let dry.
Enjoy :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Dressed Up With No Where To Go

Cover up from Belk/ Free People dress/ Tights from TJ Maxx/ American Eagle tank/ Rocketdog flats/ Lace ring from Buckle/ Lia Sophia earrings

Photo credit: Mekenzie Brow

This dress is easily my favorite thing in my closet.  However, going to school in the boonedocks means I have limited places to wear it.  Maybe I need Austin to take me on a hot date JUST so I can wear this. OR I can wear it when I go to see my friend Luke Combs play on January 19th.  Now the possibilities seem endless....

PS: I know Luke would just love it if you listened to his Eric Church cover :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 5 Winter Essentials

So, I'm posting this a lot later than I intended to..... but hopefully you will still find it to be useful.

These are the five things that I feel like are essential to survive the winter/ holiday season.  Keep these things either in your purse or your car...... yeah, that's also an excuse to buy a bigger purse!
1) A simple pair of gloves.  You know that miserable feeling of having to drive somewhere early in the morning, with your bare hands on a cold steering wheel.
2) Chapstick.  Of course..... especially if you plan on standing under the mistletoe this season.
3) Tissue paper. I couldn't begin to count how many times I have been on the way to meet a friend for their birthday/Christmas exchange/whatever, and having tissue paper in my car saved me a frantic trip to the store.  It WOULD be frantic, because I am a extreme procrastinator.
4) A camera. You never know when you might want to capture a cute picture of your adorable toddler cousin or catch a picture of the ugliest sweater at the tacky sweater party.  Or in my case, when I'm driving down the mountain, on my way home from school and I see a crazy icicle waterfall hanging off a rock that I have to stop and take a picture of.
5) Lotion.  Of course lotion is a good thing to have to heal your dry winter skin.... but it can also help with static in your hair.  Squirt a little lotion in your hands, rub them together til there is just a little residue left, and run through your hair--VOLIA, no more static!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finals Week

Necklace, Cover-up, and Tank from JC Penny/ Belt from Chico's Outlet/ Urban Outfitters skirt/ Leggings from TJ Maxx/ Chinese Laundry boots

Photo Credit: Mekenzie Brow

Maybe you're stopping by for a study break, or maybe you're all finished up--either way, I hope everyone has a successful week of final exams!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deals and Steals

Lace top from Lucky Penny/ Charlotte Russe cover up/ Buckle necklace

Skinny jeans from Belk/ Madden Girl boots

Photo credit: Mekenzie Brow

"Deals and steals"..... literally.  My friend Cassie left this cozy cover up from Charlotte Russe in my car, and has been in no hurry to get it back.... therefore, it is rightfully mine (for now).  I thought it was just what I needed to complement all this black and gray!  As for deals, I got these Madden Girl boots on Black Friday for 40% off.  But that was hardly the best deal I found.... cardigans at New York and Company were just $15 each.  At ULTA, I got TWO of my favorite Box O' Powders from Benefit Cosmetics for only $19.  Those were worth waking up for.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Things To Do With Scrap Fabric, Part One

 More times than not, when you finish sewing projects you have left over fabric that just isn't enough to do another project with, but you don't want to throw away--because 9 times out of 10, if you like to sew, then you are a certified fabric hoarder.  Well I am going to give you some ideas on things you can do with that scrap fabric.  

This "Fabric Lid Jar Tutorial" is a project I found on The Cottage Home blog.  I was really excited about this particular project because for whatever weird reason, I have always loved jars. One jar, two jars, red jars, blue jars.... you name it.  If I finish my spaghetti sauce, I just can't bring myself to throw the jar away.... so project was hit two birds with one stone for me.  Follow "The Cottage Home" link above to try it yourself!

This project I found on Sweet Verbena's blog.  It's called the "Charmed Pencil Pouch Tutorial."  I was surprised at how quick and easy this project was.  If you're into instant gratification, this project is for you!

I was pretty excited to find some pink, sparkly felt for the lining.... as you can tell.