Sunday, August 4, 2013

Straight from the URBN Archives

Besides coffee from Jharoka, my favorite part about mornings at home office is catching up with whats new on our intranet.  On the URBN community page they introduce new hires, have a classifieds section, inspiration pictures, news about new store openings, sales percentages, etc.
Not too long ago they featured all these old Urban Outfitters ads that I assume are from the 70's.

 4307 Locust St. was on U Penn's campus, and started with Dick Hayne buying a space and filling it with things he knew his friends would like such as plants, beautiful imported rugs, and apparel items.  His intention was for the store to also serve as a hang out spot.  That's why if you walk into an Urban Outfitters today they are blaring music and have lots of quirky home goods to keep you entertained.

It is wild to see an Urban Outfitters ad in newspaper form.
URBN as a whole is so good with connecting with the customer via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the BLDG 25 blog, etc.  that it is hard to imagine any other way.