Saturday, April 16, 2016

DIY: Rustic Frame

My sweet Nanna was here visiting me in my downtime post-surgery.  She told me she saw something online about using bar soap as a tool for antiquing things.  I've had this beautiful print from  Voila Paper Co for a while now, but haven't found a frame I felt could do it justice.  My problem + Nanna's craft talk = forgoing reading other tutorials and jumping right in, and documenting how it goes.

What I used:
-a cheap frame.... (less pressure than messing up the expensive ones)
- 2 spray paints (1 color for the base, 1 color to go on top)
-fine sand paper
-bar soap (shout out for locally made Hazelwood Soap Company)
-[not pictured] a small paintbrush, for the reckless

First, spray the entire frame with the color you want to show thru in the antiquing.  Read YOUR paint can for drying times.  Mine said "Dry to touch in 10 minutes; requires 24 hours before handling".  I let this gold dry for about 30 minutes before I moved to the next step.

Grab your bar soap and hit the high ridges with it.  This will make these parts easier to sand off later.  You don't have to give it too much, just a good waxy film.  Flick off those little soap clumps before proceeding to the next step.

Next you're gonna spray all over with your top color.  The gold metallic went on SO NICELY, and this turquoise was a little thinner.  (Could have been my insufficient can shaking? We'll never know).  Take the time to do two coats if you are seeing this in your project too.  It will be worth the extra time.
Much to my dismay over delayed gratification, I set my project aside to dry for a full 24 hours.  Again, read YOUR paint can.  But, you DO NOT want to sand paper on paint that isn't set up (that's what my husband's warning was, anyway).

24 hours later, starting sanding those high ridges LIGHTLY.  Or at least start lightly, and your base color should start to show through.  Lookin' good!

If you go too hard on the paint (ha), it's going to be OK.  Spray a little paint on some cardboard, get a little paint brush and touch it up.

  Voila! Double Voila! 
It's not perfect, but it's all mine and I'm so proud of it.
"and at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty,
your hair messy, and your eyes SPARKLING"
-my new mantra for life

You can find this Voila Paper Co. print and several others over at Elsa Fine.

Now GO spray paint some stuff! 

Fringe Find: Vintage With Lisa

Have you started following @shopVWL on Instagram? I've become a big fan of their refashioned tees, dip dyed flannels, and embellished cut offs.  What I love most of all, is they are standing for slow fashion. One-of-a-kind, hands-on pieces are mixed with some market styles to curate a really rad collection.  Right here, I'm wearing one of their refashioned tees with a form-fitting, high-waisted skirt.
Fringe top from Vintage With Lisa/ Sanctuary skirt

 Earrings found on Poshmark

Terrell Country Store

I had a 2nd metatarsal osteotomy at the beginning of March & I'm cropping those feet out til I'm out of these lovely Velcro surgery sandals.   Getting my feet back in some Luccheses can't come soon enough!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tell Me About It, Stud

KUT from the Kloth sent me this super cool Faux Leather Jacket, and after watching Grease Live the other night, I was in the right state of mind for this piece.

Let she who never had a furry friend, make the first comment about the dog hair on my pants!

Cool quilting detail, gold hardware, and a perfect fit (as always).

Sanctuary top and leggings (concidentally called their 'Grease legging')/ Sam Edelman booties/ Big earrings from Duncan & York - Asheville, NC

And if you're wondering where we're at right now.... this is Chicken Alley in downtown Asheville, NC.  Stop by for a photo op, but be quiet and respectful of the space, because it's the entrance to a tucked away residential alley.

Onyx and Rhodonite rings found at Elementality - Asheville, NC

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Post-Whole30:: January 2016

*raises right hand* 
"Never have I ever...." stuck to any sort of dietary change (for the better) for more than a couple days.  NEVER.  But this past January I completed Whole30.  I was not perfect.... I definitely ate Whole30-approved foods [cooked in butter at Waffle House] twice.  But I shed 7.5 lbs in those 30 days and a total of 5 1/4 inches; and putting on this form-fitting dress and feeling good was a great reward.  It was the first time in a long time I hadn't felt like an over-inflated version of myself.  This isn't a plug for Whole30, I don't even care if you want to try it, I'm just telling you... it was a great learning experience.

Thunderbird earrings from Lucky Penny - Boone, NC/ KUT from the Kloth Bryce Jersey Sheath dress/ Gray cardigan from Minx - Asheville, NC/ Frye booties won in this lucky occurrence

Ammonite ring from Elementality - Asheville, NC/ Moonstone-Topaz ring from Enter the Earth - Asheville, NC/ Blue goldstone bracelet can be found at Elsa Fine Online

Snuck into the neighbors gated community for these I look guilty?

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of love, power, and self-discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shop Small in CLT at the 2015 VTG CLT Winter Market

Nina Cable Knit Sweater and Mia Slim Fit Skinny c/o KUT from the Kloth/ 
Necklace from Elsa Fine/ Gianni Bini studded flats

@ Voila Paper Co. (link below)

@ Geoflora (link below)

Of course I found the cowgirl boots.... I don't have a pair like this... yet.

Photo credit: Tara Darling Photography

A few of my favorite vendors from the market:
Voila Paper Co. - paper goods and bad ass mugs
Twenty Two West - beautiful woven art on live edge wood
Beautiful Idiot Clothing - handmade clothing and accessories
The Magpie Co - when the Thompson's multiply... what the babes will be wearing
Geoflora - structured and feminine, high quality jewelry

Check out my KUT from the Blog official post here.

Bridesmaid Style: Cassie

Free People Artemis Maxi

Thunderbird bracelet from Duncan & York - Asheville, NC

Floral arrangements by Flora - Asheville, NC
Photography by Sassyfras Studios
Marshall, NC

Bridesmaid Style: Kayce

Free People Embroidered Fable Dress ....with my alterations to make it longer :)

Johnny Ringo boots from Wastonatta Western World - Boone, NC

 Forever 21 earrings and bangles

 Floral arrangements by Flora - Asheville, NC
Photography by Sassyfras Studios
Marshall, NC