Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FYI: I Love Surprises

(She's in Washington D.C. this week and I'm having major withdrawals.... but it's not every day you get Snapchats from the White House!)

 Lia Sophia necklace/ Free People top/ Chico's belt/ J. Crew Outlet skirt/ Lucky Brand bracelet/ Tights that I abducted from mom/ Lucchese boots

 Where to take pictures on a rainy day?
A parking deck, obviously.
 Kendi made it look so chic.

I came home last weekend to feed the cats and empty their litter box.
I went in my room in search for my favorite jeans which have been missing for a while now (everyone who knows me knows I'm pretty upset about this.... I may put out a "Have you seen these pants?" flyer later this afternoon) and I find a Belk bag with some Free People mom had got for me! 
And I must say, she did a really good job not having me with her.... that's where this top came from.
So thanks mom-- that was super sweet and thoughtful of you :)
Also, she got me this belt on Black Friday.... came together nicely, huh?


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