Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lucky Me

Free People top/ short tights from Lucky Penny/ Lucky Brand necklace/ TOMS wedges

Photo credit: Mekenzie Brow

First of all, please excuse my nerdy sock line on the close up photo of the TOMS WEDGES! I really felt a need to address that.... 
Anyway, I have had this fabulous shirt dress since last winter (oh yeah--I caught it on sale!) and I was so anxious to wear it all summer, but it was too scandalous to wear without bottoms.  Leggings just weren't cutting it, and skinny jeans were too hot and predictable.  Lucky for me, Lucky Penny had these crazy lace short tights that were just right.  I was also lucky to be able to sneak in taking pictures of this outfit before this crazy cold front came in! But what put the cherry on the top of the lucky cake?  My saturday night shift at work got dropped, and I got to go to the game! YES!