Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Girl

Sorry I have officially neglected my blog for the past week....and a half.
I've been busy turning 21.
(Best birthday yet!)

And this is what I wore.....
Seven Swans earrings/ Scarf from Lucky Penny- Boone, NC/ Dress thrifted from Buffalo Exchange- Charlotte, Plaza Midwood area, NC/ J. Crew clutch ( a birthday gift-- from my sweet friend, Jordan)/ Lucchese boots

 It's safe to say I have the greatest circle of friends ever.....
Pack's Tavern, Asheville, NC.

 A gift from Austin--these beautiful Seven Swans earrings.
Seven Swans can be found at Minx Boutique- Asheville, NC

Also, it was Bele Chere this past weekend... my favorite weekend out of the year.
Bele Chere is a weekend festival in Asheville--there's craft vendors and music and food and weirdos galore.... I have outfit pictures from that too... but that post will have to wait until after my summer session finals on Thursday... wish me luck! (I need it!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Necklace from Watsonatta Western World/ Threads 4 Thought tee/ Skirt (I made it!)/ Lucchese boots

Recently, we got a Jo Ann's in Asheville.
It's safe to say that mom and I spent 2 hours in there, during our first visit.
I didn't think it was the optimum place to get fabrics... at least, apparel fabrics (especially with Waechter's nearby and Mary Jo's in Gastonia), but I got lots of fun crafting stuff and one of my favorite things about Jo Ann's were these how-to handouts that were in almost every isle.
So I decided to try this cute little zip-2-3 skirt, first.


And I think it turned out pretty good.......!
 I'd be happy to share the instructions with anyone who is interested.
 Photo credit: Austin

Hope everyone has time to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


 Victoria's Secret dress/ Chico's Outlet top/ Kensie girl sandals

Have you guys heard of the #StyleMeJuly Instagram challenge?  It's a fun way of forcing yourself to experiment with your closet.  Every day has a different theme so you don't have to wake up and spend 20 minutes trying to answer the question "What should I wear today?" 
....surely, it's not just me? 
The Style Me Challenge was created by Hilary Rushford of DeanStreetSociety.com.
If you would like to join, find the challenge of the day, take a photo of your outfit and hashtag it #StyleMeJuly.

 Today was {Day 15: Inspired by a friend}.
After you read someone's blog for so long, you start to feel like you're actually friends (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself)... so I picked Kendi from kendieveryday.com.  My outfit was inspired by her "Weekend Wear" post.  Not only is she stylish, but kind of hilarious.

 Photo Credit: Austin

Initial necklace from Carriage House on Biltmore Estate/ J.Crew Outlet belt

See other ways I've styled my beloved denim shirt:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things To Do With Scrap Suede

 Do you remember the vest I made for Spring Showcase in my "'S' is for......" post?
Well, I am happy to say I had a significant bit of suede left over to make this necklace--plus, hopefully a couple more small projects.
(The suede piece was from Mood in NYC, and very near and dear to my heart.... especially knowing I can't just pop over to buy more!)

Here's what you'll need:
a ruler
a chain (length is your preference)
toggles (if you want a shorter necklace)
ribbon clamps
rotary cutter (or scissors)
hard surface you can cut on (if using the rotary cutter)

First, measure your ribbon clamp to see how wide your suede piece should be.
Then, divide that measurement by 3, or 4, or however many fringe hairs (for lack of a better word) you want....

Trace the width and the fringe cutting lines on the back of the suede (later you will see, I made mine a little too wide).

 Use your rotary cutter and your straight edge to cut the fringe on the hard surface.
Be careful not to cut all the way to the top so it's all still one piece.

And this is what you'll get.....

Notice I had to cut a fringe hair off of mine to make it fit properly.
Then I chose to add a few more layers of suede.
Bear down on the ribbon clamp to make the teeth puncture the suede.

Lastly, measure out how long you would like your chain to be and cut off the rest.
Find the center of the length of the chain and use pliers to open a loop to insert the ribbon clamp hook onto the loop.
Or, you can take the extra step to remove a loop from the end of the necklace chain, then hook it through the loop at the center of your necklace and the ribbon clamp hook to ensure that it hangs straight.
 If you chose to have a short chain, attach your toggles at your chain ends to allow open and closure of the necklace.
If you chose to have a long chain, use the pliers to attach the two chain ends together, and you can just slip the necklace over your head.
Now you're ready to wear!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th, Fashion, and Fun

 Earrings from a vendor in NYC/ Ya Los Angeles dress from Lucky Penny/ Wet Seal wedges

Photo credit: Austin

Red ring (probably) from Claire's/ BKE white flower ring/ Chico's Outlet bracelet

I tried to add some exciting sparklers to the blog photos for my favorite holiday.  But, as you can see, they didn't work so well. Bummer.......
Lucky for me, Tennessee has practically no laws on fireworks and I got to see a huge display last night!

Even though I had to work part of the day, my 4th of July was everything I had hoped for.  Austin came to spend the day with me, because he knows it is my favorite holiday.  
(What other holiday tops fireworks, patriotism, good eats, and a summer night? NONE OF THEM.)
Also, I held out for nearly a month to wear this dress on this day.  Totally worth it--I got tons of compliments.  Not to mention it made me feel like a Greek American goddess.
Austin and I went to Cierra's to watch fireworks.
And Abby and Bianca came.
Perfect night.

(Me, Abby, Cierra)
Cierra got this dress (from Lucky Penny, also) and I told her and told her that she needed these red boots to make a 4th of July outfit--cause who DOESN'T plan their holiday outfits?
Well, she didn't need much convincing.
Isn't she a firework?

Even Hunter (involuntarily) dressed up for the occasion.

And Cierra loaned Porsha her boots.
Too cute.

I hope everyone else had a fun and safe 4th of July!  Only 364 more days til the next one!