Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Fun

Yesterday (Friday) I got the chance to go visit Barnhardt Manufacturing facility where they treat cotton to make it useable in products such as cotton balls, cotton coils for beauty supply places, tampons, and the cotton in the top of the pill bottles (to name a few).  Too bad we didn't get to visit while they were treating the organic cotton.... our guide claimed it smells like straight coconut oil during that process!

Then we got to go to Parkdale Mills and see treated cotton spun into yarn to be used in Hanes and Fruit of the Loom products!

When I got home from Charlotte, I had an e-mail from Angel Court Jewels saying that I had won their necklace give-away! So excited to receive ^^THIS^^ gorgeous necklace in a few days!

Then, I got ready to go to the Lucky Penny Le Grand Voyage Fashion Show!

There, I met up with my best-est Apparel friend Jordan (from Classy From North to South), and Megan, and Paige (from Shoes, Sunglasses, and Giraffes).
PS:  They were handing out these stunna shades at the door.  I promise this isn't the normal inside-at-8pm look for us.

The venue was Shear Shakti--who also did the hair and make-up.

Love the bold stripes!

Is it obvious that I might have favored this model with my picture-taking?  She pulled off the "pin-up" look SO WELL. Love the red lip. Get it girl!

One of my favorite pieces in the show!

What a GRAND time :)

 Checking out the featured garments after the show! Too bad she gave up shopping for lent.  Is Jordan not just the cutest girl you ever saw?

Oh, and you had to be wondering what I wore to the fashion show...
Shirt from Chico's Outlet/ Belt and Skirt from J. Crew Outlet/ Tights from TJ Maxx/ Lucchese boots 


  1. Wow, this all looks like so much fun. It sounds pretty cool to see the manufacturing plant!

  2. I came across your fab blog on :)
    hope you can check out mine

  3. Looks like a fun Friday! Love that last look xo

  4. Thanks you guys! It was a nice break from the in-the-classroom routine!

    Lucy, I will definitely stop by and check it out!

  5. Congratulations on winning the necklace. Hope you love it!!!
    I wish I could have come along for the tour. That sounds like fun, and I love the yellow hard hats.


    1. I haven't received it yet, but trust me... I have my outfit all planned out :)
      Thanks for stopping by!