Sunday, July 22, 2012


Necklace from Watsonatta Western World/ Threads 4 Thought tee/ Skirt (I made it!)/ Lucchese boots

Recently, we got a Jo Ann's in Asheville.
It's safe to say that mom and I spent 2 hours in there, during our first visit.
I didn't think it was the optimum place to get fabrics... at least, apparel fabrics (especially with Waechter's nearby and Mary Jo's in Gastonia), but I got lots of fun crafting stuff and one of my favorite things about Jo Ann's were these how-to handouts that were in almost every isle.
So I decided to try this cute little zip-2-3 skirt, first.


And I think it turned out pretty good.......!
 I'd be happy to share the instructions with anyone who is interested.
 Photo credit: Austin

Hope everyone has time to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


  1. Was the pattern hard to use? I'm a beginner novice sewer that is looking for more projects. Thanks!

    1. No, not at all! My only advice is to remember to line up the side seams to the waistband, after you gather the acutal skirt part.
      Also, I had to put my zipper in the opposite direction that the instructions said, otherwise I couldn't get into it!
      Thanks for stopping by :)