Tuesday, June 5, 2012

White Skinny Jeans are IN!

Turquoise bracelet from Watsonatta Western World- Boone, NC/ The ring on the far left was a gift from my parents, so I'm not sure where it's from/ Spoon ring- my dad got it for me at a craft fair/ The turquoise statement ring was also from my dad, he got it at the Inn on Biltmore Estate- Asheville, NC
(He's a great gift-er!)

Lia Sophia necklace/ Ivy Jane top from M.C. Adams- Boone, NC

Free People skinny jeans/ Lovely People wedges from TOPS- Asheville, NC

Austin, my boyfriend & summer stand-in photographer has a brother named Justin; and I will always think of Justin when I wear white skinny jeans.  We were at "Downtown After 5" and out of no where he goes "You know what you need? White skinny jeans. White skinny jeans are IN right now," and continues to tell me about all the ones he has seen lately. 
It is a rare moment when Austin, Justin, or my own brother, Casey, want to talk about clothes... so I really savor the moment.

Moving along, I have really been trying to give my blog that "personal touch" lately... sharing a little more than just fashion.  So here's a little about my weekend in Instagram photos:

My adopted son, Waylon (Austin's dog) has been in a cone all the past week due to this nasty sore and fluid in his ear.  Don't worry, he's feeling better.

I was in Biltmore Park and picked up some "pity treats" for him.  He loved them!

I got home and my parents had been working out on the farm (the one from my "Welcome To The Farm" post) cleaning out the loft of the barn, and they found my great-grandmother's old sewing machine! I never knew her, but she must have been pretty cool if she loved my great grandpa half as much as I did and could sew!

(Vance Monument and reflection off the Biltmore building)
Me and Austin spent the day together Sunday.  We went to Homecoming at my church and spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around downtown.

(Yummy shrimp rolls and chili sauce)
We ate at my favorite place--Doc Chey's, for dinner.  It was the best day!

 I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


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