Friday, January 13, 2012

Things To Do With Scrap Fabric, Part Three

I learned how I make this little pin cushion jar from The Cottage Home.  I added the ribbon around the rim of the lid as my own personal touch :)

 Another project that I found that is great for scrap fabric, is Reverse Applique... a tutorial from Sweet Verbena.  
This was my first attempt.  An outline of North Carolina with a heart stitched over Asheville.  I was pretty excited about how it turned out.

So it took it to the next level and used reverse applique on a pocket pillow I made for Austin for Christmas.  You can find the tutorial for the pocket pillow HERE.

Let's just say that deer antlers are way more complicated than the outline of NC.

Happy crafting :)

PS- Special THANKS to Austin's mom, Colleen, for taking these pillow pictures.

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