Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Cold" Would Be An Understatement

Columbia coat/ J. Crew shirt/ Coach purse/ Skinny jeans, hat, scarf, and earrings from Lucky Penny 
I swear this wasn't a pose! This is "I'M FREEZING, but I had to take my coat off so you could see my shirt..... for fashion's sake!"

Photo credit: a cold and sassy Austin

This day was 19 degrees with 35mph winds that made it "feel like" 2 degrees.... in other words, really cold!  However, the exciting background of freshly fallen snow and the adorable hat I had gotten from Lucky Penny the day before was enough to drive me out into the cold.  These pictures confirm two things: that I am still obsessed with the orange/navy color combination and that I need to invest in some self tanner.  Is it summer yet?

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