Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Truly Vintage

 Shirt from Target/ Skirt and Lucchese boots from Watsonatta Western World- Boone, NC

Photo credit: Mekenzie Brow

 Lia Sophia Necklace

Guess how much I paid for this skirt?  $10!  Deal of the day, right? Any true lover of clothes knows the hatred you feel towards someone else when you're in a store and they pick up the (last) shirt/skirt/bracelet/whatever that you were JUST headed for! Well, I used to work in this western store and this skirt hung on our sale rack the entire time I worked there (and maybe 15 years before that), and one day..... this girl had the gall to pick up the skirt that I eyeballed everyday that I was at work, but wouldn't buy because it was a size 9/10, and I am not.    For whatever reason, she did not purchase it; so I finally decided to quit denying my love for this crazy thing try it on.  How did I know this skirt was "truly vintage"?   Because I was a 3/4 and was still considering getting my last pair of ribs removed so I could wear it (oh yeah, and it had been marked down like 16 times).  The only alteration I had to make was making it more fitted at the hem. $10? The hairline fracture I got in my rib when I sat down? Totally worth it.

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