Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Inspiration

With 10 days til Halloween, I'm sure you all are scrambling to figure out what you would like to be!  So I figured I'd provide you some Halloween inspiration :)

Couple from Juno

Kim K as Wonder Woman

Gwen Stefani as Jessie from Toy Story

Anne Hathaway as Cleopatra

(For the guys!) I thought this bee keeper was pretty clever

And we can't forget about the kids (cause they're the cutest!)

A penny

Papa Smurf

 My personal favorite: Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Baby owl

Haha, sushi kid

 And for the dogs....
Vampire Dogs

Pilot Dog

Dogs from the Wizard of Oz

Cowboy Riding Dog

The Katy Perry Dog

Speaking of Katy Perry, I must brag on myself for making my own California Girls costume last year.  I used styrofoam, decorative christmas ornament balls, can lids, tissue paper, and all sorts of candy!

And yes, that's Diemon Dave in the background!

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