Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Girl's Got Style

Old Navy scarf/ Dress from Lucky PennyLane Boots/ Lia Sophia earrings/ Lucky Brand bracelet

 Photo credit: Mekenzie Brow

<3 my Lanes!

 So today... I was standing in line for my daily "pumpkin pie chai freeze with a shot of expresso" and in a span of 5 minutes I found myself saying "I love your skirt!" (purple with paisley and elephants... sounds tacky, but it was awesome..... Ashevillian's would kill for it), and "I love your bookbag!" (she had a floral Billabong backpack with matching floral Ked-like shoe), and "I love your outfit....and yours!" (one girl in a black and white horizontal stripe dress with a big red waist belt, another girl in a floral high-waist, knee-length skirt and a pale yellow tank with a light olive green cardigan over adorable).   In case you were counting my grammar mistakes instead of how many girls I complimented... that was 4 girls.  I felt like the random girl in the coffee shop who was making a desperate attempt to make new friends, but I really felt a need to address all of their outfits.  It was as if.... we had that nasty little cold front, and then when it was suddenly 72 today, people were inspired to dress adorably. Which brought me to the thought.... what if I featured other people's style on my blog too?  If someone complimented your outfit, and asked if they could take a picture and feature it on their blog, and gave you the blog info.... would you be creeped out? Or flattered?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. GIRL, I am obsessed with every aspect of that outfit!! And the barn, oh man I love that barn.

    I think it could potentially be creepy, but if you made a big point to say that you have a FASHION blog, then I think girls would be flattered. And it's not like you are some weird old man or anything...

  2. I would be flattered, especially if you told me it was for a fashion blog!

  3. Not creepy! It would make me feel awesome! Ha ha.

  4. thank you guys for the feedback! :)