Friday, January 22, 2016

What To Wear For Engagement Photos

The perfect outfit for every couple is situation-specfic.  I have just provided some guidelines here to help couples coordinate what to wear for photos that you will want to have around for a lifetime.

1) Classic over trendy. Avoid current trends like aztec print, feathers, acid wash, etc. if you don't want to date your photos.
2) Consider your venue/ location. For example, peep-toe heels are going to look out of place in a barn setting.  Your attire should complement your photo venue.... or better yet, your venue should complement YOU.
3) Less is more when considering how to accessorize.  YOU are the subject matter.  Don't let an overload arm of bangles be a distraction.  Or worse, don't let a statement ring detract from the magnificence of your new rock!  Notice how Lauren's classy earrings just embellish her, as opposed to overpowering her:
(photo credit: JameyKay Young Photography)
4) Dress on the same scale.  If you're wearing your Sunday's best, then your fiance is going to have to do better than a tee shirt and jeans.
5) Complement each other.  If you're wearing sage green, he's not going to be able to wear his favorite red polo.  If you can't agree on complementary colors (shown below) try to stick with all cool colors (blues and greens) or all warm colors (reds and oranges). 

 (unknown origin (found via Pinterest))
Even if you're wearing neutrals you should be aware, no white next to cream, no black shoes and navy socks, etc.  You might can get away with it in real life, but it's really going to be obvious in a photo.  Perhaps you should consider laying out your outfit(s) prior to the day of your photo shoot. While you want to complement each other, please.....
6) Do not match. This isn't your 1980's Olan Mills family photo.  Plus, your cheating yourself on not showing your own personality.  This is the only exception I have found:
(photo credit: Art + Life Photography)
7)  Avoid any drastic hair or make up changes.  Your finance already loves how you look on a daily basis--that's why they've asked your permission to look at you every day for the rest of their lives.  There is no need to try and make improvement.  Not to mention, a new look may not turn out how you envisioned and you may not have time to fix it before your photo session. Instead, take time to.....
8) Polish up. Touch up your roots if you've got color in your hair, or you're going to wish you had.  Polish those toe nails if you plan on wearing open-toe shoes.  Treat yourself to a manicure, because there is going to be lots of close-ups of that beautiful new ring.  Also, make sure the ring is polished.
9) Bring several outfit changes. Glitter and Lace Wedding Photography encourages that you do this.  Changing your outfit can change your mood and confidence--plus, it shows a new dynamic to your personality.
10) Bottom line: Be comfortable. Don't wear something that you wouldn't be comfortable wearing on any given day.  If you're uncomfortable, it's going to show in your pictures.  For the same reason, avoid wearing ultra-tight clothing that can restrict movement.  Also, you have the option to bring props, if you find them to be relevant--instruments, pets, etc.  Sometimes it's nice to have something to do with your hands if you consider yourself to be an awkward picture-taker.

 (photo credit: Victoria Grace Photography)

*this article was created for Victoria Grace Photography.  

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