Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Color Blocking Ain't Just For Easter Eggs!

Bamboo wedges from MC Adams- Boone, NC

Calvin Klein dress/ Necklace from MC Adams- Boone, NC

Photo credit: my sweet Nanna

THIS picture was taken via Instagram for Android.  Is anyone else as excited as I am about that?

I hope everyone had wonderful Easter--I know I sure did!  It started out as me rolling out of bed way later than my alarm to find a basket with PEEPS in it (some people think they're gross--I love em!)  then heading to church to observe a lovely Easter service and seeing some of my favorite home-church friends.  Then lunch at Nanna's, where I used Easter as an excuse to eat BBQ (I choose not to eat red meat... doesn't mean I don't miss it) and it was so worth it.  Then went on to Nanny's, which is usually a madhouse on the holidays, but it was actually a really pleasant visit.  Maybe because I was distracted trying to get to know my brother's new lady friend--who was a sweetheart.  Kind of hoping he doesn't read this post, because I'm really counting my eggs before they hatch!