Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Farewell Fall Semester

Photo Credit: Jordan

"hang it up to dry"

Sunglasses from Target/ Urban Outfitters scarf/ Free People top/ Lucky jeans/ Lucchese boots
(Sorry for being a repeat offender on the jeans and boots)

Lucky Brand snake ring/ Flower ring from Claire's/ Bracelet from Street Fair-Asheville, NC

 Ohhhhhh finals week.... all I can say is: 3 down, 2 to go!  One of my major projects I had been working on up to this point was my final project for Fibers class.  We had learned how to weave and had been introduced to surface design.... so WHY I decided to learn how to do tapestries for my final project? I don't know....

I meant for it to be about 10 feet long....
But I decided to leave it at "short and sweet."
Haha. It was a huge time investment but I love how it turned out!

And I'm proud of the grade I got too!

and a little inspiration from my yogi tea tag
on the floor in the loom room

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