Monday, October 15, 2012

Atlanta Market

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go and work at the apparel mart in Amy J. Hill's show room.
Even though I have lots of retail experience, this was a totally new selling situation for me.
We got to meet buyers from Utah to Florida to Hilton Head... you name it.
I loved being around so many clothes all day (what a surprise) and putting together looks for the wall and getting to figure out the type of girl each buyer was trying to style.
Not to mention, I met lots of wonderful and talented people who work in the industry.

 Working hard or hardly working? In the Kensie area.

(I also loved taking pictures of the showroom... as you can tell)

(Obsessed with this picture and this collection). 

The newest line for the showroom. 

More McGinn. 
I got to talking to this mother-daughter buying team from Nashville, TN about McGinn and when I mentioned how cute the black and white shorts and cropped fringe jacket would be with cowgirl boots, it was an instant bond. 

Sweet Pea.

 Erin, the showroom manager, and Paige--a fellow intern :)


One of the girls I met came into our showroom wearing these.... it was all I could do to not get down on the floor and hug her feet til she decided to let me have these shoes.
They're so perfect..... maybe I should have.
Harassment charges + these boots = totally worth it.

 Work hard, play hard.
Karaoke night!
Kelly--another fellow intern.

The showroom crew, minus Erin.

Overall, it was a great experience and I am so happy to be invited back for January's mart! 

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