Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Inspiration

Today I just wanted to share with y'all a few things I admired and was inspired by on this fine Wednesday.  "Cowboys and Indians" might have been a more accurate title of this post... but I'll just let you see for yourself....

Meet Jackson.
He is one of the few (maybe 3 total?) males in our major (Apparel and Design).  He's a talented drawer (a lot more so than I) and I love that he knows what HE loves.  He has original ideas about what he likes about menswear as opposed to someone who just likes a style because it is a current trend.  That's admirable.

I was pretty much obsessed with his shirt.  Is that not the cutest nicest print on that pocket?  

On to my work day....
I had a guy come into the boot store and I was asking him all about this crazy necklace he was wearing.  Apparently, that is real turquoise and a real bear claw from a bear his buddy killed.  (It used to be his buddy's necklace but the wife wouldn't let him wear it anymore?)  I told him "I have a friend who goes bear hunting and she HAS to see this!"  You're impressed aren't you, Cassie?

Then I was just noticing how nice these blues look sitting next to each other.... isn't that a happy color?  (Living in NC, it's hard not to associate this color with the Tarheels.... trying really had not to, actually.)

Old Gringos and Luccheses!  I want them all!!!

And this picture I found.  I asked Ellen (who I work for) about it, and she said that was an old picture of Brooke and Dara's chickens they had when they were younger (her daughters).  For one, I think it's adorable they had chickens as their little pets growing up.  For two, I thought this looked like an Instagram photo.... but this was taken way before smart phones were ever thought of. 

Have a great Thursday, y'all!


  1. All the cowboy boots are so beautiful. I have got an obsession and I can't stop buying them ;)