Friday, December 2, 2011

Things To Do With Scrap Fabric, Part One

 More times than not, when you finish sewing projects you have left over fabric that just isn't enough to do another project with, but you don't want to throw away--because 9 times out of 10, if you like to sew, then you are a certified fabric hoarder.  Well I am going to give you some ideas on things you can do with that scrap fabric.  

This "Fabric Lid Jar Tutorial" is a project I found on The Cottage Home blog.  I was really excited about this particular project because for whatever weird reason, I have always loved jars. One jar, two jars, red jars, blue jars.... you name it.  If I finish my spaghetti sauce, I just can't bring myself to throw the jar away.... so project was hit two birds with one stone for me.  Follow "The Cottage Home" link above to try it yourself!

This project I found on Sweet Verbena's blog.  It's called the "Charmed Pencil Pouch Tutorial."  I was surprised at how quick and easy this project was.  If you're into instant gratification, this project is for you!

I was pretty excited to find some pink, sparkly felt for the lining.... as you can tell.



  1. What a cute idea! I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas and can't wait to learn how to sew! Those are fabulous scrap ideas!

    I am a new follower, would love for you to check out my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested!

  2. Thank you! I bet you are really looking forward to getting a machine... that's awesome! And I will definitely check it out :)

  3. Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the blue!!