Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gaga for Gaga's Holiday Workshop!

 I about forgot.  I was just watching E! News and I was reminded that Lady Gaga opened her holiday workshop at Barney's on Monday!  And why do I find this blog-worthy?

Because...... see these pink tables?

Well, when I was in NYC we went to the Barney's workshop (where they do all the big displays for the flagship store on Madison Ave) and they were working on Gaga's stuff.  We asked what these pink things were and they explained that they were display tables for the Gaga holiday workshop and that we couldn't take pictures, because the look wasn't going to debut til this past Monday (so about a months difference).   So of course I had to oh-so-discretely take a picture with my phone.  I can at least say I haven't shown it to anyone til today... only because I feel like Lady Gaga has a good lawyer..... but I definitely struggled with not tweeting this picture.

Gaga sure didn't skimp out on the details. I wish I could go see it in person!

Yes, a Lady Gaga snow globe.  Love her or hate her--you know you've made it to the top when you can sell snow globes with your face on them.

Get the whole story here or shop the holiday workshop here!
Personally, I'm pretty crazy about this python cuff... plus, look at the tribal print inside!

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