Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Urban Outfitters in Herald Square

I brag on Dick Hayne, CEO of URBN Inc., every chance I get but he has really outdone himself this time! The newest Urban Outfitters located at Broadway and W 35th Street in the famous Macy's Herald Square is taking the lifestyle brand to a new level. It opened in June, but I just got to see it with my own eyes on a recent trip to NYC.  I wish we could have seen it in the daylight and not at the end of a very long day so I could have taken better pictures, but I'll try to scratch the surface of awesomeness anyway.

(That exciting moment when you get real light spots in a photo... Not added while editing).

There are "trend shops" set up throughout the store... This particular one housed tons of vintage treasures from retro prom dresses to a 90's Alan Jackson photo tee.

Of course they had their normal offering of jewelry, but in addition, there were lots of nicer vintage pieces too displayed throughout the store.

They have a vinyl shop with over 400 titles!! But it think it was the Pendleton record players that really got my heart rate up.

They have a beauty department with a a full-service hair salon and full-time barber.
As a little girl I was a sucker for glitter polish... I never really grew out of that.

Tortoise & Blonde have their own set up, offering eyewear around the $50 price range.  Not that surprising for T&B because I think they've had an ongoing relationship with UO and a history of in-store pop-up shops.

Recently launched activewear line, Without Walls, had a nice spread of space all to itself. A quirky camping scene and tents that protruded from the walls set off the active ambiance.

A huuuuugggee shoe department... Not a couple shelves on the wall... A full-on shoe department.

Tons of unique options in the home department for customizing your space. 

I'm not positive how many square feet the store was, but according to Business Insider, URBN will be experimenting with larger store size with Free People in the near future. I know that the average store visit for their garden brand, Terrain, is about 2-3 hours and they're looking to keep the customer entertained for that same amount of time here. Job well done. Here are all the things I didn't even get to take pictures of:
-Photo booth and photo printing station for your Instagram photos
-the Bikestock vending machine for all your bike repair needs
-it's own coffee shop
-a souvenir shop featuring a Philadelphia-favorite, Three Potato Four
-a book and paper goods department

Oh geez. You'll just have to see it for yourself!

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