Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Farewell DIY

I'm so sad I didn't try to make these shorts sooner! They turned out so cute!

I made these leather wrap bracelets from the suede scraps left over from my fringe vest I made in the spring
(as seen in my '"S" is for... ' post)
See the fringe necklace I made from more scraps in my 'Things To Do With Scrap Suede' post
(I just can't let go of this beautiful printed suede.... still.)

I started with these capris from New York & Company that fit pretty loose and used >>this TUTORIAL<< to cut my shorts.  Then, I pinned the crochet I found at JoAnn's to the new cut offs to make sure I liked the look.

 A couple straight stitches later.....

Since I live in the coldest place in North Carolina I will just have to look forward to wearing them next year! 
Until then, scarfs and boots will easily appease me :)

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